Ron Jones Speaks in Workshop at the Calgary Horticultural Society
Ananda Landscapes Founder discusses the concept of harvesting rainwater for Calgary gardening

Calgary, Alberta (August 15th, 2011) – It was announced today that Ron Jones, President of Ananda Landscapes will be presenting at a workshop planned with the Calgary Horticultural Society. The workshop will be taking place on September 17th between 9:30am and 12:00pm.

“At this workshop we’ll be teaching attendees the practical steps to establish rainwater harvesting by utilizing the water runoff from the home” explains Jones. The workshop will explore and explain the effects of city water on your garden. “We’ll help Calgarians understand how to collect and hold any amount of water and teach them how to keep it fresh and alive for irrigation or a decorative water feature.”

Jones speaks at multiple events throughout the gardening season. His expertise and beautifully developed landscaping projects are proof of his professional understanding of gardening. The location of the event will be announced within the next two weeks.