While we can all appreciate the beautiful blanket of pristine white snow that covers our lawns this time of year in Calgary, most of us do not enjoy the task of shoveling snow from our driveways.

Shovelling Process

snow shoveling tipsBelow are some tips that will make your snow shovelling process easier, quicker and more efficient!

1. Stretch

Stretch before you begin. Take a few minutes to stretch your back, shoulders and hamstrings the same way you would before a workout. Stretching will help prevent your muscles from tightening up while you work in the cold, and reduce aches and pains later.

2. Strategy

Start by clearing off cars and other large objects. Brush off your vehicles and any other large objects like outdoor fountains or décor before you begin shoveling the driveway. Also, decide where you are putting the shoveled snow, this way you can avoid shoveling the snow twice.

3. Where to Begin

Start from the outside and work your way in. Shovel a clean path along the edges of your driveway and then move into the center of the rectangle, throwing the shoveled snow outside of the cleared area. You should shovel the snow to the nearest cleared edge, to minimize the work your body is doing.

4. Posture

Make sure you maintain proper posture while you’re shoveling snow. Try to keep your back as straight as possible, and bend your legs instead of your back when you need to. Keep one hand close to the shovel blade for leverage and try not to twist your body when are throwing the snow. Your back will thank you later!

5. De-Ice

After the snow is cleared, scatter salt or deicer in an even layer around your driveway.

6. Final Stretch

Once you are done shoveling snow, have one last little stretching session. If you feel like any of your muscles are inflamed, use and ice pack to help with the inflammation.

Shovelling Tips

  • Remember, snow is easier to move in small layers. If you are able to shovel your driveway between snows, it will be an easier task. If you think shoveling snow is a boring chore, ask a friend or neighbour to join you to make it more fun. You can take turns shoveling each other’s driveways and the time will pass more when there’s good company.
  • Shoveling is also easier when your equipment is in good shape. Make sure the handle on your shovel is tight, and hammer out your shovel in places where it gets bent. Use a knife to carve the edge when you notice build-up on the end.
  • Last but not least, don’t go overboard! While you do need to clear your driveway, chances are that another snow will be on its way soon. You’ll save a lot of time and energy by not being meticulous. You just need to make your driveway functional, not clear every last flake. With these tips in mind, your next shovelling expedition should be more efficient and pleasant!

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